Peace Window (US$ 3.06 Million)

The Peace Window currently comprises the Joint Programme for Peace. It engages in activities related to dealing with the past, social cohesion, and resettlement. Over the course of the previous year the Programme facilitated dialogues on implementation of the reparations policy. A campaign was launched to understand the nature of the spread of hate speech in Sri Lanka by using social media influencers to promote alternative narratives. Additional work addressed Sexual and Gender Based Violence. The Programme also supported internally displaced persons and refugee returnees in Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu, Trincomalee, and Batticaloa through the provision of livelihood inputs and training, developing entrepreneurship, and developing community-building organisations.

Resilience Window (US$ 5.23 Million)

With the support of the Government of Australia, the Resilience Window continued to focus on addressing inequality by tackling climate change and disaster risk reduction. The health system's capacity to respond to the pandemic was enhanced by the provision of health equipment, strengthening emergency services, increasing laboratory and testing capacity, improving case management and surveillance, and providing psychosocial support. In addition, immediate relief assistance for COVID-19 was provided to marginalised estate and rural communities, and the immediate and long-term protection of vulnerable migrants in Kuwait was addressed. Further support was also provided for the safe reopening of schools, as well as implementing learning recovery and continuous learning.