On behalf of the United Nations in Sri Lanka, it is my pleasure to share with you this Annual Report covering 2021. It contains the combined achievements and results of all the UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes in the country.
Hanaa Singer-Hamdy, Resident Coordinator, United Nations in Sri Lanka

2021 Results Highlights

Established a home-based care system for COVID-19 patients
Accelerated the national COVID-19 vaccination programme
Preventing stigma and discriminating against COVID-19
Supported updates to Sri Lanka's climate change commitments
Ensured continued learning, despite school closures
Empowered young social entrepreneurs with online learning
Launched the first Multidimensional Poverty Indices in SL
Development of national policy on gender equality
Supported more inclusive and accessible governance
Expansion of nutrition voucher programme for mothers
Provided pregnant and lactating mothers with supplementary food
Addressed malnutrition and quality of care for mothers and newborns